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Internal plastering I will in this Blog cover a few examples & questions asked.

Can Artex be plastered over ? Yes however there are factors to consider some Artex can contain asbestos (scraping it to rid of high points is producing airborne dust particles) there is a test that can be carried out for a nominal fee.

Plastering over Artex is adding more weight which can be cause for concern if for example it is a ceiling as the new plaster layers & it can take 2-3 to fully cover the pattern is only as strong as the bond that the old Artex has to the ceiling.

The sure way to cut out the uncertainty's mentioned is to over board the ceiling & re-plaster.

Plastering as a homeowner what do I need to do?

As a homeowner what should I expect the Plasterer to do ?

You should receive a detailed Quotation of the costs & the works to be carried out with the traders full details on if you agree there & then in you're home i.e a trader quotes you & you agree ,you are entitled to a 'Cooling off period of 14 days) this should also be given to you in writing & covers all those that provide goods or services(Consumer rights act)

Ideally rooms need to be fully emptied if the entire room is being plastered (larger items we can help on the day to move them with you) Small works will just need that area clearing for access.If you're carpet or flooring is being left insitu these will be protected I usually apply Roll & Stroll carpet protector to carpeting & a similar one which is designed for use on hard wood floors we then sheet the area all walkways to the work area.

walk ways protected

Radiators need to be removed prior to the works (we do not carry this work out ) I also remove the brackets & add a plaster spot over the original holes which is designed to bleed threw the plaster which will give you an indication of the original hole & location for the brackets to be refitted after decoration.Lights switches & sockets are loosened away from the surface of the wall so the plaster can be applied.

Drying of the area is done naturally force drying with heaters or humidifiers will cause the plaster to weaken.Painting of the area after drying Mist Coat (watered down emulsion) & paint application there after.

After work completed

This example is after we have completed a patch repair as a homeowner the work area should be left as clean as it was previously.

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