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Updated: Feb 17, 2019

A short write up on rendering projects.

The first stage of carrying out a render project is the first initial site visit to access the works required these examples are of a property's that had a previous render system in place which was failing.Allowing moisture into the internal rooms.

All our rendering works & quotations are fully inclusive of all plant hire scaffolding -skip hire etc.

render removed

Completed site area being washed down skip area covered

In these images the old render system has been removed & window -door protection has been applied the area is then cleared of all the debris & washed down in the below example three of the lintels after been uncovered where also replaced as they had been affected by water disintegrating them.

The next stage is a base coat stage with beading & a alkaline mesh applied into the base in readiness for the color stage. As each stage is carried out a wash down & clean of the site is carried out. The finished coloured render is a Silicone Thin Coat render by JUB this system is far less impervious to the staining & algae growth that a scraped render system is prone for.There are Sealers & Paints on the market for scraped render systems but this is added maintenance & costs for you the other advantage of using a thin coat system is it can be repaired.Both systems are equal in costs.

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completed site area cleaned

render removal revealing three lintels disintegrating

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